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第53回い~キタ!Graduation & Sweets !

EKITA 53 Episode #53 E–KITA online – Graduation & Sweets ! Graduation Season and Graduation Clothes around the world… Japanese Graduation Ceremony Manners, Sapporo Bakery (delicious bread!) , Sapporo Older-Men Recommend sweets in O.tone! and Hokkaido-only Napolitan drink has turned into ice~ +much more! –> WATCH ONLINE NOW 今すぐ見る <– (or scroll down to watch) […]

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EP39 Guest Info

2011/11/21 EKITA PRESENTS SPECIAL GUEST : Japanese Manner Teacher TSUBAKI MUTSUKO Tsubaki-sensei will come and introduce some more information about Japanese culture that may surprise both foreigners and Japanese alike! Please join us LIVE! Monday @7PM Japan-time, on USTREAM. Tsubaki Mutsuko-Sensei ONLINE: http://www.tsubakimutsuko.jp/

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. . . . ゲスト: マナー先生 TSUBAKI MUTSUKO 出演者: アリョーナ、キャサルン、テウン、アイシス、カロリン、ジャー <watch now: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/13320172 >

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