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第46回い~キタ!Belleza + Mayonnaise Pudding?!

Episode #46 on EKITA online – Beautiful Hair Styles, Alyona and Pudding! Winter is all full of excitement here in Hokkaido! Snow festival, friends from Russia, Mayonnaise Pudding? If you’re interested in cutting your hair here in Sapporo, Hokkaido, we’ve got an amazing recommendation salon for you – MAJOR EKITA DISCOUNT, just watch the show […]

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第45回い~キタ!Healthy Eating – More Eating!

Episode #45 on EKITA online – Food… Healthy Food… and more Food! Another Episode full of Hokkaido’s best gourmet~ With guests from Hokkaido’s Healthy Oligonol and The Grand Hotel in Sapporo. I think we ate every 5 minutes… we can’t help enjoying the good food here up North, it’s irresistible! –> WATCH ONLINE NOW 今すぐ見る […]

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第44回い~キタ!Happy New Year “Paper” Master

Episode #44 on EKITA online – Happy New Year from Snow-filled Hokkaido: Lots of snow up here these days, but great events come with it! As well as a fun way to start the new year with paper art! Hokkaido English Free-Paper, Hokkaido Movie information, and Lake Toyako’s special tourist gifts, all in one hour […]

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