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EP45 Guest Info

アミノアップ化学 Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd. タンさん (トルコ出身) Erdal TAN http://www.aminoup.co.jp/ (English site available!) Tan introduced to us Oligonol Water and Gummies this time on the show, a great way to improve beauty and health. For more information watch the show or read online! とても健康的な商品で、美味しいもので元気が出る、しかも美肌にも良い!是非飲んでみて、食べてみてください! Watch the E-KITA show NOW! 今すぐインタービューを見る Oligonol Is good for … (taken […]

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第45回い~キタ!Healthy Eating – More Eating!

Episode #45 on EKITA online – Food… Healthy Food… and more Food! Another Episode full of Hokkaido’s best gourmet~ With guests from Hokkaido’s Healthy Oligonol and The Grand Hotel in Sapporo. I think we ate every 5 minutes… we can’t help enjoying the good food here up North, it’s irresistible! –> WATCH ONLINE NOW 今すぐ見る […]

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