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第61回い~キタ!Tahitian Dance in Hokkaido!

Episode #61 – Tahitian Dance in Hokkaido! Sapporo-born Tahitian dance teacher joins and teaches EKITA members how to move their hips! Russian friend “Ekaterina” also joined us, and shared her “mysterious” experiences of Hokkaido so far~ –> WATCH ONLINE NOW 今すぐ見る <– (or scroll down to watch) Free Tickets! ギフトです! クラッシックコンサート、日曜日6月17日2回あります、是非メールください。無料で送ります! ekita2011@gmail.com (*o*) MCアイシスが担当しているイベント NOW&NEXT Vol.6 ナウネクライブに行きたい方も是非来てください!! 詳しくはHPへ! […]

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第52回い~キタ!White Day, Potato Mystery, Hokkaido Manga Movies

E-KITA members took time to remember 3/11… Praying for continuous strength and courage! White Day festivities in Japan – what is it?! What would the E-KITA girls want? Potatoes are not a main staple food, nor a side dish, but an ingredient in Japanese food! Famous manga turned into a film to be released 3/17 […]

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第36回い~キタ!Happy Halloween!

Espisode 36 of EKITA is up online – please watch it for some great laughs! Love the horror story Nik tells… haha! http://www.ustream.tv/flash/viewer.swf

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