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第44回い~キタ!Happy New Year “Paper” Master

Episode #44 on EKITA online – Happy New Year from Snow-filled Hokkaido: Lots of snow up here these days, but great events come with it! As well as a fun way to start the new year with paper art! Hokkaido English Free-Paper, Hokkaido Movie information, and Lake Toyako’s special tourist gifts, all in one hour […]

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第38回い~キタ!Good Ways to Keep Warm in Hokkaido

Episode #38 on EKITA online – Music, Hot Spring recommendations, Hot! Seafood Curry, Hokkaido-only Yakisoba, … & Beer!! Another fun-filled episode~ Beautiful song by American-born Sapporo artist Delaina! Hope you enjoy~! –> WATCH ONLINE NOW 今すぐ見る <– (or scroll down to watch) すごい人数が遊びに来てくれまして、本当に感謝しています!ありがとうございました!!!最高だべ!!!XD Special Guest: Delaina ゲスト: ロックシンガーソングライターDelainaさん Delaina made a new song and sang it […]

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