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第46回い~キタ!Belleza + Mayonnaise Pudding?!

Episode #46 on EKITA online – Beautiful Hair Styles, Alyona and Pudding! Winter is all full of excitement here in Hokkaido! Snow festival, friends from Russia, Mayonnaise Pudding? If you’re interested in cutting your hair here in Sapporo, Hokkaido, we’ve got an amazing recommendation salon for you – MAJOR EKITA DISCOUNT, just watch the show […]

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EP46 Guest Info

Next guest on Monday night… Sapporo Salon, “Belleza” famous for working on models in Sapporo Collection and Toyota Big Air unit “TBA Girls 8” and best known for being one of the best places to go to for foreigners, and truly original hair-styles. See you Monday night, with E-KITA members’ make-up galore! http://sapporo.belleza.in/ あまりにも良い美容室で、紹介します!!外国人にも優しい~すぐに自分がほしいことを分かってくれます。 是非、1月30日、い~キタ!のメンバー返信を楽しみにしててください! […]

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