EP40 Guest Info

Japanese Sword Master Mr. Takahashi

Presents the way of the Katana, Japanese Sword, in the art of “IAI”

For more information, please visit his website. Thank you for watching!

–> WATCH ONLINE NOW 今すぐ見る <–

Special Guest:
Master of “Drawing the Japanese Sword” aka “IAI” Mr. Takahashi and student Miss Tsuji.
財団法人 無外流 北海道無外会      高橋 宏明会長     居合・日本刀の魅力

Learn about the art of slicing bamboo with a real Japanese Sword Katana. Also the quick and simple way to break it apart?! MC Isis tries a swing too~

If you’re interested in learning the art, it’s really fun!! Please look at the HP here. 習いたい方、是非HPをご覧ください!

居合 --> MUGAIKAI <-- Learn more IAI

Two more Japanese Experts on the Katana joined the show.

Want to go to a Japanese Katana-filled restaurant? Get discounts on SOBA if you say you watched EKITA! :D
Store information here: http://r.goope.jp//inishie <ーー店の紹介はこちら


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